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About the enterprise

Trans-Centre is a dynamically developing enterprise, which has been specializing in extraction and processing of natural bog oak in the Republic of Belarus since 1998.

Trans-Centre has an unrivalled reputation. The prime attention of the enterprise Trans-Centre activity is giving to strict observance of all existing norms and requirements of ecological orientation.

For that purpose methods of natural bog oak extraction with the minimum influence on surrounding nature in places of carrying out of the basic and accompanying works have been developed.

Besides, Trans-Centre is engaged in investigation , extraction and processing of natural bog oak exclusively of benthonic seam with no harm to the surrounding nature.

The purpose of Trans-Centre is working off and application of industrial (from 1000 m 3 ) extraction technology and processing of natural bog oak of benthonic seam in interests of its customers.

The offers of Trans-Centre are urgent for enterprises and private people, both producing and using production from wood of a high price range. The priority of Trans-Centre is long-term and mutually advantageous relations with its partners. Trans-Centre is an enterprise with a flexible price policy and a system of discounts.


  • Visit to water object of the customer for definition and calculation of volumes of bog oak presence.
  • Lifting, preprocessing of bog oak on water objects of the customer.

  • Transportation of wood to the place of warehousing and processing.

  • Technological support from lifting of bog oak from water to end-product.
  • Preparation of experts in extraction and the subsequent processing of bog oak of benthonic seam (holding of seminars in process of a group completing).
  • Providing of a working group of the customer with equipment, the equipment for work on extraction of natural bog oak on water objects.
  • Periodically we make purchase of bog oak.


We offer all assortment of business wood from natural bog oak, the maximum age of natural bog oak extracted by our enterprise so far is 6650+100 years(all results of the radio carbon analysis of the extracted wood are stored in the archive of our enterprise).

Parquet, interline interval from natural bog oak.

We carry out manufacturing of various saw-timbers and products from natural bog oak at will of the customer.

We offer a collection of natural bog oak roots, a decorative natural material for original decoration of premises. Dry saw-timber of natural bog oak is always available.

Considering specific character of bog oak, the package of orders for prime delivery of natural bog oak, both in logs and in saw-timbers, I s formed one month prior to opening of a navigating season.


In connection with industrial necessity, whether it is the search activities or direct works for extraction of bog oak, the activity of our enterprise is carried out on the various water objects of Belarus.

After the all-round analysis of advantages of this or that water object, within the limits of separate service, we have possibility of introducing the best of them to our clients. With that purpose, experts of our enterprise have developed on the basis of long-term practical experience absolutely new kind of extreme, hazardous and at the same time useful from the point of view of ecology kind of tourism which is called “Ecological hunting”.

This kind of tourism allows each interested person, with a concrete advantage for themselves, to bring feasible real contribution to clearing of the river or other water object from deadhead wood-bog oak. Everybody knows that trunks of trees lying at the bottom of water objects constantly render the whole complex of serious negative influences on the environment and frequently represent concrete danger to people.

Therefore, experts of our enterprise developed a way of feasible clearing of the rivers for the participants of “ecological hunting”. Without harming the environment and at the same time fostering love and tender attitude to seemingly powerful and omnipotent at first sight, but actually to very vulnerable surrounding nature.

During” ecological hunting” passions of a person are simultaneously involved in overcoming difficulties, in this case search of bog oak, a share of an extreme accompanying all stages of search and extraction, knowledge of properties of this wonderful wood, history connected with this, certainly, most expensive all over the world and difficult to access material and works of art created from it.

After all, bog oak needs to be found, which means search, careful inspection on multimeter depth of the considerable underwater areas, usually in unpredictable conditions.

Then it is vital to create all necessary conditions to safe lifting of multiton extraction on coast, strictly observing requirements of safety precautions and ecological norms.

  • To prepare access roads and an industrial platform.
  • To transport to a processing enterprise.
  • To cut, keep and process.

The result is a highly technological product, whether it is an ornament or the furniture, made of an underwater trophy capable to decorate the most refined interior. This service has not been in practice anywhere in the world earlier.

Only due to the presence of a long-term operational experience at all stages from investigation and extraction to direct processing of natural bog oak, the all-round analysis of offered action, we have possibility to professionally present this kind of ecological tourism.

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"Trans Center"

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